General Data Protection Regulation

Data Protection

1. What data is collected by Shamal Solutions?
We collect personal data when sending a question or any type of online request from this site (text type fields that are filled by you). These interactions can represent - customer data, customer management, quotes and contact forms, newsletters.
This data is used exclusively to be able to process orders efficiently and for administrative purposes.
The personal data we collect is: first name, last name, location, email, IP adress.

2. What happens to the data collected?
The data you provide participates in activating or price quote certain services offered by Shamal Solutions. Example: we can't send you a price quote without your provided information about you and your company.

3. How is the data stored?
The data is stored in a secure database system (SSDs and HDDs - access only with username and password) and is kept for 1 year after the cessation of services. Personal data is kept in accounting for 5 years from the cessation of services. This data can be permanently deleted if you specifically request it - written by email or postal letter.

4. Newsletter and advertising campaigns
We do NOT use your data for any kind of advertising campaign of any kind - the newsletter subscription is filled expressly by you - with your consent. We do not use your email address (or any type of personal data) for any type of marketing campaign.

5. Your access to information and complete deletion of data
If you want to view the personal data held by Shamal Solutions, please send an email request specifying this, also for the final deletion of data it is necessary to send an email request specifying data deletion.

6. Website Links
Various links to other websites (partners, clients etc.) may appear on Shamal Solutions website. This privacy policy is valid only on the Shamal Solutions website. Once you leave the site, this information is no longer applicable.

7. Shamal Solutions website
This website has secure SSL and TSL connections. Maintenance is constantly done on the website and has the latest security updates installed. We make sure in all ways that there are no problems, the content is secure and does not contain malware or malicious code.

This website is scanned regularly by antivirus systems to ensure that everything is working properly and there is no danger to our users.

Shamal is a proven capability management, workforce, and professional learning and development services provider for the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency Management and Crisis Preparedness (SSDEC) sector.